What is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontics are fully qualified Dentists who have spent at least 3 extra years specialising in the alignment of teeth, development of the jaw and correction of the bite. Orthodontists use different appliances, such as metal braces, functional appliances or Invisalign aligners, to help you achieve a great smile. Perla Orthodontics are highly qualified and have broad experience, ensuring we can help you to achieve the best possible bite and visual alignment.

A list of registered specialist orthodontists is available on the General Dental Council's (GDC) website.

You should see an Orthodontist if you have any concerns about:

What are the differences between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Dentists and Orthodontists are both highly trained oral healthcare practitioners. They both look after a patient's mouth but they focus on different areas. Your orthodontist and your dentist will communicate with each other during your treatment as they will both have the same goal; the best outcome for you. The table below outlines the key differences in training and treatment options between dentists and orthodontists.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery - 5 years training at Dental School
Master of Orthodontics (MOrth) - 3 years specialist training
Registered with the General Dental Council (GDC)
GDC Orthodontics Specialist List
Specialises in teeth straightening and jaw misalignment diagnosis
Specialist in fitting orthodontic appliances, such as braces
Advises on overall oral health of teeth and gums
General 6-month check-ups and teeth cleaning
Filling and extractions