Private Orthodontic Treatment

At Perla Orthodontics, we offer a range of orthodontic appliances for patients seeking private treatment. Private treatments have significant advantages over NHS options, for example, you can start treatment whenever you want (no need to wait for NHS approval) and you will have a wider variety of braces to choose from, including more discreet designs. The first step is to book a free consultation with Florencia, our specialist orthodontist. Once we have discussed your dental concerns with you, we will go through some possible orthodontic solutions.


Costs for full upper and lower fixed appliances start at £3300. If you are looking for something less comprehensive, you may be suitable for a limited/partial orthodontic treatment.

Limited orthodontic treatment focuses only on the improvement of your front teeth, not your bite. This means that you could improve your smile without spending lots of money. Limited orthodontic treatment is also much quicker because we are only correcting the alignment of the upper or lower front teeth. We can determine if you are suitable for this option at your initial consultation.

Feel free to check out our transparent pricing on our Fees page.

Types of braces available via private care:

  • Removable Invisalign (clear aligners)
  • Tooth-Coloured Ceramic Braces
  • Traditional Metal Braces
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Short term orthodontics / Front teeth alignment

Arrange A Free Consultation Today

Unlike many other practices, we offer a free virtual consultation with our specialist orthodontist. Florencia will discuss your options, including treatment planning and cost information. Alternatively, a consultation in practice can be arrange at a cost.

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