NHS Orthodontic Treatment

We work closely with various Dentists in Dundee and Angus, who refer many patients to us for orthodontic treatment. The process starts when your Dentist refers you to Perla Orthodontics for an initial consultation. After an examination, we will then talk you through your diagnosis and discuss the different options available for your treatment, including timescales and possible costs. Your eligibility for NHS treatment is determined by how great your need for orthodontic work is, in terms of your health, as determined by the Index of Treatment Need, so we proceed to take records and send them away for approval. You can view the Index Of Treatment Need criteria here:

Am I Eligible?

If you suffer from overcrowding, protruding teeth, lack of space for teeth to erupt, missing teeth or a cross-bite you may be eligible for NHS funding.

We will take records (including photos, impression for study models and x-rays) and then send these off along with a treatment plan to Primary Care Services for independent approval. The waiting time is approximately 1 weeks. Once approval is granted, we can get started with your treatment!

For patients over 18 years old the process could be slightly longer. Primary care services frequently request reports and information from the patient's dentist to corroborate suitability for NHS treatment. Bear in mind that the NHS criteria is based on functional, not cosmetic reasons.

There is no age limit for NHS orthodontic treatment; however, the waiting time and costs are different for patients over 18 years old. NHS adult patients who are not exempt from NHS charges must pay a maximum fee of £384 for a full orthodontic treatment.

Braces offered through the NHS include removable braces and metal fixed braces. More options are available through private dental care.

At Perla Orthodontics we do not have a waiting list for NHS patients so you will be seen as soon as an appointment is available, which is usually within a maximum of 3 weeks.

If you are not eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment:

Other affordable options are available for you or your child through private care. Opting for private orthodontic treatment gives you the freedom to choose from a wider range of braces, including aesthetic appliances like tooth-coloured braces and clear aligners. In addition, there is no waiting time for your treatment as we do not need approval from the NHS, so as soon as we have your records we can book you in to fit your braces.

Silver Service

For patients under 18 years old who do not reach the criteria for the NHS, we offer our Silver Service. Prices are set at a reduced rate of £1300 for metal braces, and £1700 for the nearly invisible Ceramic braces.

Invisalign Teen

Another option is Invisalign Teen. This system uses removable clear aligners to correct malocclusions in teenagers. Invisalign Teen performs well because of its appearance, flexibility in appointments and very low rate of emergencies. It is ideal for very cooperative patients who need to spread their appointments out over a long period of time, e.g. students who attend boarding school.

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Unlike many other practices, our first consultation is not only free, but with our specialist orthodontist. Florencia will discuss your options, including treatment planning and cost information.

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