Braces For Adults

At Perla Orthodontics, we're confident we have an orthodontic treatment to suit your needs, whether you have cosmetic concerns, want to improve the function of your bite, solve spacing issues, improve your oral health, or coordinate orthodontic work with other dental work (eg. Dental Implants). Both private and NHS orthodontic treatment is available for adults.

It's never too late to seek orthodontic treatment; adults can benefit from orthodontic work just as much as teenagers and children. Everyone deserves to feel confidence in their smile.

Invisible & Hidden Braces

Many orthodontic appliances are suitable for adults, but we find that adults in particular are looking for braces that are comfortable and, most importantly, discreet.

The technology of orthodontic appliances has improved massively over the years, and contemporary braces can now be virtually invisible. At Perla Orthodontics, we offer two types of virtually invisible orthodontic appliances as part of our private orthodontic options.


If you are looking for comfort and discretion to align your teeth, this is the best option for you.

Invisalign was the first system of aligners created to move teeth. It offers an extremely discreet system with remarkable results in the hands of a Specialist Orthodontist. They are modern, clear, removable aligners that fit over the teeth. The aligners must be used for 22 hours per day for optimum performance, and they have to be removed for eating, brushing and cleaning. You can find out more about Invisalign braces on their website or by watching this video.

Lingual Hidden Braces

Lingual braces use brackets and wires like traditional braces, but instead of being fixed to the front of your teeth, each bracket is fitted to the back of the tooth surface, meaning that these braces are virtually invisible. At Perla Orthodontics, we use the 2D Lingual system to correct tooth misalignment.

Find out more about Lingual, or hidden braces, here:

Ceramic Braces

This type of brace works the same way as the metal variation but is much more subtle thanks to their beautiful white colour. Ceramic braces can correct mild or severe malocclusions.

Adults braces through the NHS

At Perla Orthodontics, we offer NHS orthodontic treatment for adults as well as children. NHS orthodontic treatment for adults is approved on a case-by-case basis depending on why they are required. The Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) is used to assess your eligibility. If an adult qualifies for NHS treatment, then we take records and send them off to primary care services where they are independently assessed for approval. The waiting time for approval is around 12 weeks and, if successful, the cost to the patient for NHS treatment is only £384. Individuals who are exempt from NHS dental charges do not have to pay. Please note, metal braces are the only option available on the NHS but further cosmetic options are available on a private basis. This is a very accessible option for adults with severely misaligned teeth looking for an affordable solution.

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Unlike many other practices, we offer a free virtual consultation with our specialist orthodontist. Florencia will discuss your options, including treatment planning and cost information. Alternatively, a consultation in practice can be arrange at a cost.

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