Braces For Children & Teenagers

At Perla Orthodontics, we love helping teenagers and children feel proud of their smiles. Orthodontic treatment can be truly transformative for teenagers in particular, giving them a massive boost in confidence


This is the most common group of patients potential NHS funding means it is the ideal time to get treated. If a patient under 18 years of age qualifies for NHS treatment (see IOTN criteria), the cost of such treatment is covered. We simply send off some paperwork, along with patient scans if required, to Primary Care Services and treatment can begin once approval is received. There are three types of braces funded by the NHS and the best option is entirely dependent on the individual patient and the issue they went to correct.

Removable Appliances

This is a brace which is easily fitted and can be taken out for cleaning and sports. It is important to keep the brace in for the daily amount of time recommended by your orthodontist. A removable brace is made of acrylic and wire, and is generally used for simpler cases. Compliance with the use of the brace is essential.

Functional Appliances

This is a removable brace which is used to correct certain bite problems, such as an overbite. The most popular functional appliance is the removable Twin-block appliance which is usually worn for 6 - 9 months. It was inverted by a Scotsman (Dr. Clark) and is used all over the world! It has separate sections for the top and lower jaw made of acrylic and metal, and these two sections work together in the mouth to lead the lower jaw into a forward position. It is generally required in cases where upper front teeth are "sticking out".

Many times functional appliances are followed by fixed appliances to finish correcting the bite.

Metal Fixed Appliances

Fixed braces, also known as "train tracks", are the most common braces for young patients. Cooperation and good planning are key to an excellent result.

On the day that you get your fixed metal braces fitted, we will talk you through how to look after your teeth, gums and braces. We will advise you on oral hygiene techniques and the best products to use. Your appointment to fit and bond the braces will take around 50 minutes, but no anaesthetic is required as it is pain-free.

Our Silver Service for under 18s

If a patient does not meet the criteria for NHS funding, we also offer private orthodontic treatment as a more affordable cost. We call it out "Silver Service" and it is available for patients under 18 years of age who cannot get orthodontic treatment on the NHS. Through our Silver Service, patients can get full upper and lower metal fixed appliances at a reduced rate. Tooth-coloured braces are also an option.

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Unlike many other practices, we offer a free virtual consultation with our specialist orthodontist. Florencia will discuss your options, including treatment planning and cost information. Alternatively, a consultation in practice can be arrange at a cost.

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